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Core Team
Employees who go through STRUCTURED ONBOARDING are 58% more likely to remain with the organization after 3 years.
Here is a sample list of 20 onboarding questions to stimulate dialogue:
1- During the interview process, I was asked questions that were relevant to the role offered.
2- During the interview process, I was able to communicate information about my relevant skills and career goals.
3- The job description explained during the recruitment process was honest and accurate.
4- At orientation, I received helpful organization history as well as product and service information.
5- I found the orientation programme interesting and interactive.
6- Overall I have been given enough training to do my job well.
7- I regularly receive useful feedback from my manager about my performance and progress.
8- My immediate manager effectively communicates business unit goals and objectives to me.
9- My manager is supportive of my development and work.
10- I have been given an overview of how to manage my performance and career.
11- I understand how my work will be measured or evaluated.
12- I have the tools to do my job well.
13- I am able to manage my responsibilities at both work and home.
14- I have a clear understanding of what I am expected to accomplish.
15- I have supportive co-workers.
16- I believe my ideas are valued.
17- I feel welcome and part of the team.
18- I understand my organization's goals.
19- I understand how my role contributes to the organization's goals.
20- My mid-term career path is clear and I feel empowered to achieve it.
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