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"The key to successful leadership today
  is influence, not authority."                                                            Kenneth Blanchard
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Be the Project Leader everyone wants to work with


This programme is designed for Project Leaders who are committed to maximize engagement for success.

To reach excellence, having smart ideas and great project skills is essential... but not sufficient. For most team members indeed, belonging to your project team comes 'in parallel' or 'on top of' their core responsibilities. Your ability to engage them is crucial. For this, you must master project leadership skills on top of project management skills.


The Project Leadership Programme is built around 6 learning blocks, delivered over 2 days and packed with exercises: 

- Block #1 : Understanding and guiding Team Dynamics (setting ground rules, optimizing meetings, managing conflicts...)

- Block #2 : Leveraging diversity in the Project Team (coordinating the roles, facilitating opposed personalities...)

- Block #3 : Adopting the right leadership style whatever the situation (directing, mentoring, coaching...)

- Block #4 : Mastering the art of Stakeholders Management (mapping influencers, decoding their motivations...)

- Block #5 : Communicating with impact (message contents, communication styles...)

- Block #6 : Practicing feedback to boost performance (understanding drivers and derailers, developing talents...)


"I am Project Manager for many years, but the facets of Project Leadership that I discovered are a WOW ! "

"Your pragmatic approach to Project Leadership inspired me and will make me inspire my project teams. "


The programme equips you to stimulate others give the best of themselves.  You will leave the Project Leadership programme with a set of pragmatic methods and tools of immediate use.


This programme is designed for Project Team Leaders.

Regardless of the level of your position in your organization, you will benefit from this programme if you are

- coordinating projects

- eager to influence even without formal authority

- looking to stimulate engagement in your project teams


The programme is provided in : English - Dutch - French - Italian

Please click here to get in touch with our Programme Director at ZEST.

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