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Well aware that executives do no want to just sit in traditional class-rooms and listen, we continuously develop and test new learning methods 



(teasing questions /issues) When discussions over women in leadership positions start, controversies about glass ceilings, work-life balance and office politics are top of the list. For women to ascend the corporate ladder while not giving up on their personal life, they need a full understanding of the dynamics involved and of key strategies to deploy.

(name of programme / benefits) Our four-day programme "Women's Executive Leadership: Strategies for 360° Success" is designed specifically for today's female executives aspiring to leadership roles. It covers the identification of core values, emotional intelligence, negotiation skills, resilience for work-life balance and career planning.


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Participants will gain keen insights and the tools to:

- reframe and validate core values

- identify leadership strengths

- maximize professional influence

- understand essential skills to improve business acumen

- better manage negotiations and emotional intelligence

- develop assertiveness and decision-making abilities


The programme provides an engaging forum for female executives and high-potential women transitioning into senior management roles to come together, gain new knowledge from recent research, and put those concepts into practice.

Our four-day programme delivers sophisticated business and leadership concepts that have immediate and practical application for the modern woman business leader, allowing her to improve her proficiencies and advance her career. Participants will better understand and learn how to apply contemporary business theories driving their organisation and results, while creating a personal plan for professional advancement.

Each afternoon, participants will break into small groups to integrate and put the day's learnings into practice. Our faculty will oversee the sessions and provide real-time coaching for effective outcomes, and translate the practicum for participants to take back to the office.

Within this collegial forum, participants will establish the beginnings of a lifelong network of women executives who often face similar decision points and possibilities along their carreer paths, becoming a rich resource of influential peers.

What sets this programme apart for women executives is its strong focus on business and leadership, combined with a practical approach to developing and honing professsional business skills.


The "Women's Executive Leadership: Strategies for 360° Success"programme is best suited for executives and high-potential women who are transitioning into senior management roles within a large corporation, or women entrepreneurs who are taking a broader leadership role as their company grows.

It is designed for women executive who:

- have 10 or more years of experience

- are managers or directors, as well as consultants and business owners

- work in a range of industries

- aspire to more senior levels of management

- seek to enhance their professional influence


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