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"You may delay,
  but time will not."                                                                             Benjamin Franklin
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Manage Projects as a PRO


According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), organizations that undervalue project management report an average of 50% more of their projects failing outright. Fifty percent.

Project management is more than simply tracking deadlines and setting a budget. A good project manager takes control of a project from beginning to end, ensuring that the initiatives and goals are strategically aligned, the project has stakeholder support, and everyone is on the same page


Nowadays, project management goes far beyond static planning techniques. Focus includes aspects such as dynamic planning and control, coaching & directing project teams and optimal structuring of projects.


Our Project Management programme consist of 4 modules that you can select in full or in part, to achieve maximum impact with your projects.


The Project Management programme analyses the pros and cons of Waterfall vs Agile and is built around 4 modules.

The modules are packed with exercises and are delivered over 6 days in total: 

- Module #1 - Fundamentals (2 days) : Project Management methodology - Roles & Responsibilities - Key activities

- Module #2 - Initiation (1 day) : Selection - Definition - Masterplan - Budget - Team - Governance - Communication

- Module #3 - Implementation (2 days) : Planning - Team Management - Implementation Phases - Follow-up and Reporting

- Module #4 - Risk Management (1 day): Visual Management - Roles & Responsibilities of Sponsors - Reporting - Evaluation


"The programme gave me a framework and a toolbox with great methods to avoid mistakes and succeed faster"

"Learning from faculty and other participants, I gained actionable ideas to accelerate my projects"


The programme equips you to stimulate others give the best of themselves.  You will leave the Project Leadership programme with a set of pragmatic methods and tools of immediate use.


This programme is designed for Project Managers and Project Team Members.

Regardless of the level of your position in your organization, you will benefit from this programme if you are

- current and would-be project managers

- managers who want to get a firmer grip on the set-up and execution of projects

- individual contributors who need to understand project management fundamentals

- members of a project taksforce

- managers and directors that wish to introduce project management into their organizations

Our programme has been followed by Projects Officers, Managers and Coordinators, Communication managers, Category managers, Account managers, Trade marketing managers, HSEQ managers, Finance Managers, Product managers, Project engineers, Consultants, Business analysts, Interim managers …


The programme is provided in : English - Dutch - French

Please click here to get in touch with our Programme Director at ZEST.

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