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Creating an innovation culture

Corning’s Silicon Valley technology chief shares how to stay creative over the long haul, drawing on 40 years of experience.

We all need mechanisms and a culture that encourage the embrace of new technologies, kindle the passion for knowledge, and ease barriers to creativity and serendipitous advances.

In this article, I’ll offer a number of ideas from my career for creating such a culture.

Since some of the obvious lessons have been covered extensively elsewher, I’ve focused on lessons that seem less intuitive:

1- Practice 'innovation parenting'

2- Bust hierarchy

3- Encourage the unreasonable

4- Don't die of indigestion

5- Cultivate external relationships

6- Hire the best - and fast

Dr. Waguih Ishak is a division vice president and chief technologist at Corning Research & Development Corporation.To read the orignal article from the McKinsey review, click here

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