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How to Solicit Negative Feedback When Your Manager Doesn’t Want to Give It

When people don’t receive useful negative feedback, they can’t grow. According to authors Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, when asked what was most helpful in their careers, 72% of respondents attributed performance improvement to getting negative feedback from their managers. The same study also showed that managers were reluctant to give negative feedback.

So what do you do if you know that negative feedback is what you need to succeed — and nobody’s talking? Stop asking for negative feedback and try one of these creative approaches instead:

  • Give yourself negative feedback first.

  • Make self-improvement a personal commitment — and ask for help.

  • Reframe negative feedback as a learning opportunity

  • Preemptively minimize the impact of the negative feedback

Managers should be able to give negative feedback, but even if they don’t, you need to learn how to solicit it so that you get the information you need to grow in your job and career.

To read the full article from Deborah Riegel, please click here.

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