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Become a More Productive Learner

Today we consume the equivalent to a 174 newspapers…a day. One would think that this would translate into increased knowledge. Yet, unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case. On the corporate side, working professionals apply only about 15% of what they learn.

We’re consuming more information but not learning more. In short, we have become less productive learners. But by applying an intentional approach to consuming information and best practices of how we learn, we can reverse this trend toward unproductive learning.

Here are four ways to become a more productive learner.

- Focus the majority of your information consumption on a single topic for several months.

- Put what you’re learning into frameworks.

- Regularly synthesize what you have learned.

- Cycle between information feasting and information fasting.

Decide to become a productive learner, and you can actually reap the benefits of the incredible increase in the amount and accessibility of information.

To read the complete article from HBR, please click here.

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