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How to Beat Mid-Career Malaise

We all have times when we wonder, “Am I at the right company? Am I in the right job? And is this all there is?” These questions are especially agonizing for mid-career professionals who may be searching for fulfillment while juggling demands at home and intense financial pressures to earn. How should you address a mid-career crisis? What actions can you take to improve your professional satisfaction? How can you combat the dullness and tedium of your workaday life? And how can you tell if it’s time to make a drastic change?

In such situations, here a a few principles to remember:


- Diagnose the problem. Ask yourself: Is it my job? Or the organization I’m in?

- Challenge your assumptions.

- Seek meaning by making an effort to meet people who benefit from your work.

- Make small changes.

- Focus on learning.

- Consider a lateral move. It’s a good way to take on new challenges and learn.


- Discount the power of making small changes to your routine and environment.

- Wait around for opportunities.

- Look for problems you want to solve and then design a new job.

- Put all your eggs in your professional basket.

To read the full HBR article, please click here.

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