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Want to Change Corporate Culture? Focus on Actions.

How do we get from “values on the wall” to “values in action”? Articulating aspirations is only the first step. The second step is integration — embedding values in everyday behavior and organizational systems.

Here are four lessons that can help as you integrate values into action:

- You can’t impose culture from outside.

- People don’t commit to words on a wall.

- No one always lives their values.

- People expect programs to fade.

In the end, the only values that matter are the ones we live every day. Acting with integrity as an organization means continually working to integrate our aspirations into our behavior, at scale, across geographies, and as things change. Gaps and contradictions are not exceptions; they are the core of the work. This is why a strong positive culture is such a sustainable advantage — and why it leads to such outsized rewards in terms of customer loyalty, brand credibility, employee engagement, strategic agility, and stakeholder trust.To read the full article from PwC, please click here.

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