Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?

You can’t do anything in business without followers, and followers in these “empowered” times are hard to find.

Inspirational leaders share 4 unexpected qualities:

- by exposing some vulnerability, they reveal their approachability and humanity.

- their ability to collect and interpret soft data helps them know just when and how to act.

- they empathize with people, and care intensely about the work employees do.

- they capitalize on what’s unique about themselves.

You may find yourself in a top position without these qualities, but few people will want to be led by you.

Selectively reveal your weaknesses - It establishes trust and thus helps get folks on board.

Become a sensor - And validate your perceptions with a trusted adviser.

Practice tough empathy - Give people what they need, not what they want.

Dare to be different - Capitalize on what’s unique about yourself.

To read the full HBR article, please click here.

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