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How to Thrive in the 2020s

The keys to success in the new decade will be different from those of the past.

These trends challenge traditional managerial capabilities:

LEARNING - companies need to increase their rate of organizational learning, focusing more on discovery and adaptation than on forecasting and planning

ECOSYSTEMS - increasingly, competition won't be between among companies, but among ecosystems, complex networks of companies that challenge traditional business assumptions

DIGITAL-PHYSICAL - new opportunities will come increasingly from digitizing the physical world, enabled by the rapid development and penetration of AI and the IoT

VITALITY - companies can't rely solely on exploiting existing business models; vitality (the capacity to generate new ideas and continuously reinvent the business) will be an essential attribute

RESILIENCE - business leaders will need to consider the broader context (economic, social, political and ecological) in order to endure in the face of unanticipated shocks

To read the full BCG article, please click here.

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