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The Transformer CLO

Transformer CLOs are transforming their organizations’ learning goals, shifting the focus from the development of skills to the development of mindsets and capabilities that will help workers adapt smoothly in the future. They’re transforming their organizations’ learning methods, making them more experiential and immediate. And they’re transforming their organizations’ learning departments, making them leaner, more agile, and more strategic.

Transforming learning goals

- reshaping leadership development

- concentrating on capabilities, not competence

- emphasizing digital thinking

- cultivating curiosity and a growth mindset

Transforming learning methods

- optimizing the inventory of learning resources

- balancing face-to-face and digital learning

- rethinking face-to-face learning

- going beyond instruction

Transforming learning departments

- acting as curators and cocreators

- fostering learning from peers

- measuring impact

To read the full HBR article, please click here.

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