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COVID-19: Guardrails To Help You Climb

WIth COVID-19, it is important to disrupt ourselves. That is how we grow. The question today is, what do we do? What do we do? Do we give up? Or do we stand up and say, all right. “I am going to move forward. Even if I only move forward an inch at a time, I AM GOING TO MOVE.”

There are guardrails of disruption that can help us move along the S Curve of Learning when things are uncertain, and help us find calm amidst what feels like chaos:

Guardrail 1 - Take the right risks, play where no one else is playing

Guardrail 2 - Play your distinctive strengths

Guardrail 3 - Embrace your constraints

Guardrail 4 - Battle entitlement

Guardrail 5 - Step back to grow

Guardrail 6 - Give failure its due, staying awake and aware of what we could have done differently

Guardrail 7 - Be driven by discovery

To read the article from Whitney Johnson, please click here.

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