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"Innovation distinguishes
  between a leader and a follower."                                                         Steve Jobs
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Dare Change


Disruption is the new normal and the pace of change increases every day. To stay abreast of competition, you must create and roll out new business ideas faster, yet wiser, than ever. Your ideal mix should include both the small, incremental innovations that perfect your existing business, as well as the more radical innovations that are esential to improve your business performance over the long-term.


Our Leading Innovation Programme stimulates all forms of innovation, to move forward simultaneously on the short-, mid- and long-term projects that keep you thriving.


The Leading Innovation Programme equips you with the critical tools to design, lead and track effective innovation processes, and to embed a culture of innovation at all levels across your company.


Over three days, you will:

- Discover key trends and methods to develop a powerful vision on innovation

- Analyze your business model and identify 'sweet spots' to optimize or disrupt traditional ways of doing business

- Optimize your innovation process, together with powerful methods and tools at each step. 

- Prepare your action-plan to select, engage, coordinate and lead all stakeholders contributing to innovation.


"The programme structures innovation with a high level of pragmatism. "

"We got quite challenged... but that's great as it helped us identify and suppress blindspots. We now have sharper ideas, a set of practical tools, an action-plan and a clear roadmap for innovation. "


This three-day programme is designed for people who want to generate smarter ways of doing business at all levels in their company.

Regardless of your position in the company (be it in a line or support function), you will benefit from this programme

- if you are convinced that innovation is a key for success

- if you have the managerial courage to disrupt the 'usual way of doing things'

- if you want to engage your stakeholders through collaborative processes,methods and tools


The programme is provided in : English - Dutch - French

Please click here to get in touch with our Programme Director at ZEST.

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