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EXPERTS - Strategic Leadership

Strategic thinkers question the status quo. They challenge their own and others' assumptions and encourage divergent points of view. Only after careful reflection and examination of a problem through many lenses do they take decisive action. This requires patience, courage and an open mind.
Zest supports your teams to achieve those goals
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Rob Hollin
Building Talented Leaders

Leveraging his corporate board-level experience at companies like Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb, Rob supports leaders through coaching, mentoring and performance consulting.

He has 25 years of General Management and Leadership experience at Country, Region and Global Board level, and extensive experience in both emerging and developed markets.

Pedro Rangel
Leading Global Growth

Building on his international curriculum at companies like Lufthansa and MasterCard, Pedro helps corporations build business globally within mature and developing markets

Expert at identifying key areas that drive profitability, he leverages human and financial resources to create superior customer experience and achieve aggressive ambitions.

John Metselaar
Leading Innovation

John has turned 30-year global Leadership responsibilities at P&G (incl. in the USA and Japan) into more general expertise in Leadership, Innovation, Strategy, and Organizational Culture.

He is Director of the the Innovation Council at The Conference Board Europe (see some  of his work), fellow at the Oxford Leadership Academy, and consultant on innovation, strategy and culture.

Alain Lempereur
Leading Negotiation and Mediation

Member of the Excutive Committee of the Negotiation Programme at Harvard, Alain guides and trains organizations and institutions in their approach to responsible conflict management.


Also a professor at various universities in the United States, France and Switzerland, Alain is a published author in about 12 languages. He mentors humanitarian negotiations at the Red Cross and MSF.

philip greenfield.png
Philip Greenfield
Leading Digital Transformation

Expert in leveraging data and digital instruments, Philip led 1.000+ people on 5 continents. Passionate about 'what makes tomorrow', he guides teams to deploy UX, CRM, Neurosciences, social media...


Previously a Board Member and CEO based in NYC, he now supports organizations to perform and transform in the digital age.

marc lamy.png
Marc Lamy
Transforming into Data-Driven Organizations

Specialized in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Marc advises companies aspiring to transform into data-driven organizations.


For this, he builds on a career in strategic consulting (McKinsey & Company) and line management within financial institutions (BNP Paribas Fortis - Euroclear Bank - JP Morgan).

Omar Mohout
Leading Entrepreneurship

Omar, a former technology entrepreneur, is a widely published technology author and a C-level advisor to high growth startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.He is mentor at the Founder Institute, Virtuology Academy and Ambassador at the World Startup Report.


He energizess leaders with an original approach to growth strategies, lean pricing and innovation management (see some of his work).

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