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How can you lead others if you do not lead your own life ? Understanding your true values, taking care of yourself, mastering your emotions and awakening the wisdom within are indispensable to confront today's life challenges and unleash your leadership potential.
Zest supports you to achieve those goals
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Philippe Rosinski
Integrative Leadership and Coaching

Philippe is a world authority in coaching and global leadership. He is ICF Master Coach and author of the best selling "Coaching across cultures" and "Global Coaching". Philippe holds a Master of Science from Standford University and is a professor at the Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business in Tokyo (see some of his work).

Damian Killen
Leading your and others' Personalities

Damian is the author of different manuals on applied psychology, notably in relation to conflict and to innovation. He has over 30 years of experience consulting for top organisations around the globe and is a well known keynote speaker in the field of personality types.

Alberic Augeard
Succeeding in Times of Transition

Albéric has over 25 years of experience in helping managers to develop their ability to lead in a multicultural context. 


As coach, Albéric specializes in supporting teams and managers in transition, to unlock their potential and find their own effective leadership style. He works extensively across the globe.

Patrick Lybaert
Leading your Self and your Team

Patrick is director of the Executive Leadership Foundation and faculty of the Erasmus Executive Development (see some of his work).


He is expert in executive development, to support culture change projects and acceleration of individuals and organizations. Patrick works for a range of international companies and organizations.

Hanne Peeters
Leading Purposefully

With 20 years of experience as a manager, trainer and professional coach, Hanne supports teams and individuals to unlock their potential and maximize impact by aligning their leadership style with personal goals and business objectives. 

Dominique Lacroix
Succeeding in Times of Transition

Building on 25 years of experience as mediator, coach and trainer, Dominique supports individuals and teams in their development through change. She uses a wide variety of creative tools and techniques to bring the best out of people.

Ann de Beleyr
Maximizing Personal Balance

Ann conducts training, coaching and consulting projects in the fields of body-mind awareness, inter-personal communication and leadership.


She developed a methodology that combines NLP, NVC, sophrology, mindfulness, aikido and actor techniques. In her own joyful way, she guides you through a journey for lasting balance.


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