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"The world hates change,
  yet it is the only thing that has brought progress"                         Charles Kettering
Understand - Appease - Unlock


Resistance to change can manifest itself in different ways : missed deadlines, failed commitments, being absent from meetings, gossiping, responding to requests in a sarcastic manner, or sensing a general apathy.

Resistance is not inherently bad. It forces management to choose their battles carefully and answer legitimate questions like "Is it worth it?" - “Is it going to drive significant growth?”  - "What does it bring to employees?"...


To maximize engagement at all levels and accelerate change, management must therefore identify where and how resistance will likely occur, and develop a game plan to prevent it or fix it.

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS - 2 DAYS (delivered online or face-to-face)

Effective change management is all about understanding and managing what underlies resistance to change.

During your programme Overcoming the 7 Resistances to Change, you will practice key communication and stakeholders' management skills, using a powerful framework to fix the 'root resistance' (the absence of trust) and to manage the other forms of resistance, both passive (amber) and active (red).

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  • Develop a fine understanding of the mechanisms generating resistance to change

  • Quickly identify the specific forms of resistance, per personality profile

  • Build trust with everyone, however specific each person feels to be

  • Communicate much better, one on one and towards teams

  • Address objections

  • Boost engagement

Your Learning Journey will help you...

  • Identify and manage the personalities resisting to change

  • Boost the communication skills which are essential to engage and transform


"Before, I knew for sure that some of my colleagues were resisting change, but I did not understand why and I did not know how to fix it. Attending this programme has made me understand the dynamics of each colleague. Also, I'm now equipped to manage those situations, which are all very individual. This is reassuring because implementing change is crucial for the future of my company and for my own future"


The programme equips you to stimulate others give the best of themselves.  You will leave the Overcoming Resistance to Change programme with a set of pragmatic methods and tools of immediate use.


This programme is designed for people who are directly involved, or have an advisory role, in change projects:

- Business leaders

- Chief Transformation Officers

- Project managers or Project team members

- Change management practitioners

- Continuous improvement specialists

- Experts in support functions (IT, etc.)

- HR business partners

- OD professionals


The programme is provided in : English - Dutch - French

Please click here to get in touch with our Programme Director at ZEST.

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