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The Leadership 4.0 Series

Be the leader of your own future - Attend our best-selling Leadership 4.0 Series
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The Leadership 4.0 Series consits of four programmes that can be attended separately or as a full journey, based on your development priorities 


In our fast-changing world, a clear strategy, a great self- and team effectiveness and an agile roadmap for deployment are key for transformation projects to succeed. This is why our experts develop and align your leadership on 4 facets.


PERSONAL LEADERSHIP - 2 DAYS (click here for details)

Personal leadership focuses on you as a leader. Do you know yourself well enough to lead effectively ? How do you translate your values and beliefs into your interactions with people ? To what degree do you inspire and empower others ?

STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP - 3 DAYS (click here for details)


Strategic leadership is the ability to define the strategic direction of your project, team, business unit or organization. Are you looking for new ideas and thinking of customer needs ? Are you able to place your business within the context of the world's new - and ever changing - complexity ?

INTER-PERSONAL LEADERSHIP - 3 DAYS (click here for details)

Inter-personal leadership is the ability to engage others in order to achieve large-scale changes. Do you consider all stakeholders, both external and internal ? Are you able to mobilize stakeholders to find and deploy win-win solutions ?

OPERATIONAL LEADERSHIP - 2 DAYS (click here for details)

Operational leadership is the ability to translate strategic direction into actionable results.  Are you in the flow ? Do you look for ways to improve and accelerate performance ? Do you deliver on business goals with agility ?


These programmes are taught in : English - Dutch - French - German - Italian - Spanish - Chinese

Please click here to get in touch with our Programme Administrator.

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