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EXPERTS - Operational Leadership

It is critical to ensure continued operations excellence in an ever-changing global market-place. By optimising your human capital, organisation design and business processes, operational leadership is the key to develop business flexibility and leverage uncertainty to your advantage.
Zest supports your teams to achieve those goals
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Frederic Hoffmann
Leading Agile Organizations

With 25 years experience in Project & Portfolio Management, Frederic guides companies in their implementation of traditional and agile organization designs and processes (see some of his work).

He implements PPM best practices, methods and tools for major international private and public institutions. As a professor at leading business schools, he coaches international business field projects.

Piet Lips
Leading Process Improvement

With about 30 years of intensive experience in transformation projects in operations and supply chain, Piet is expert in the design and implementation of optimal end-to-end processes.

He delivers projects around the globe, helping teams on planning methodologies, assessment of logistic flows, systems modelling, redesign of operations, shut down of inefficient operations, ...

Caroline Braeken
Turning Strategy into Results

A highly experienced practitioner of business transformations and cultural change, Caroline combines a practical and hands-on experience of lean and systems thinking approaches with coaching skills to maximise business impact.

She focuses on building a culture of continuous improvement, to improve performance in terms of costs, productivity, quality of service, delivery time and employee engagement.

luc D.png
Luc Demeulenaere
Leading Data Science

Luc has 30 years of experience in leveraging data, for Global Operations, Sales & Marketing (incl. 15 years in the United States). He founded Shopting, active in Europe, USA and Latin America.


Luc is co-author of three publications on ECR ("The consumer shopper journey business model" - "Collaborative CRM" - Day-to-Day Category Management").

Dominique Mangiatordi
Maximizing Engagement

Dominique is expert at building employee and customer engagement through UI/UX design, mobile apps, VR/AR, gamification and mobile strategies (see some of his work).

Next to being consultant and trainer at Zest, he also is CEO of a start-up studio providing operational skills to entrepreneurs in order to create innovative digital solutions.

Screenshot 2020-03-16 at 14.37.20.png
Benjamin Lorent
Leading Finance

Expert in Finance and Accounting, Benjamin is consultant in the bank and insurance industry. He also is a Professor in various business schools, where his passion to make complex topics become simple allows managers to take the right financial decisions and maximize business impact.

Benjamin hols a PhD in Management and a Master in actuarial science.

Juliette AERTS noir et blanc.png
Juliette Aerts
Fostering Innovation

Reggy Degen
Leveraging Human Capital

With a keen focus on fostering innovation within companies, Juliette develops programmes for emerging leaders and intrapreneurs.


Drawing on her academic background at ESCP and her professional experiences at Levi Strauss & Co. and Beiersdorf, Juliette specializes in innovation methodologies and team leadership to provide practical insights and real-world solutions. Her passion for nurturing emerging talents and driving organizational growth shows through her innovative approach to leadership development.

Having been International HR Director for up to 12,000 employees across 116 countries, Reggy operated on all continents, with the mission to optimise Return on Human Capital Investment.


Reggy worked on a variety of M&As around the globe and set-up two Global Shared Competence Centres in Europe and China. He is also professor at various business schools (see some of his work).

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